The Tradition


of Ciociaria


A company of people who love their territory and that, since 1958, carry a name that is synonymous with quality: Salerman!

An art, one of the masters butchers ciociari, which has been passed down carefully from one generation to bring to the table all the pleasure of the traditional cuisine of the beautiful Ciociaria.

Experience and secrets passed down to ensure production antique flavor and decided that today is on the tables of millions of Italians.



Hygiene is our priority

Dear Customer, we inform you that our laboratory is authorized under Law 309/98 – 537/92 – 286/94 and therefore in accordance with the same periodically apply the self-control plan.

The self-control plan requires us to submit meat into pieces or ground to a microbiological control regularly, to ensure that the production meets the hygiene requirements prescribed by law.

The work of control is explicit in place through appropriate equipment from Laboratorio Diagnostico “ISPA Srl” – Via S. Nicandro ATINA INF. (FR) tel. 0776/610969 – Recognized for self-control by the Ministry of Health – Department of Food Nutrition and Veterinary Public Health no. 700.7A / 59311/1750.

To ensure food safety, we follow an accurate logical chain that takes the form of a system of traceability, which is a continuous monitoring of products that allows the company to monitor every stage of the supply chain. Traceability is the ability to reconstruct the history of a product and to monitor the use by documented identification relating to material flows and operators of the supply chain, enabling us to trace the product characteristics (constituent parts, lot of belonging, production processes adopted etc.) to control quality from the phase of slaughter to sale.

Also our production is based exclusively in the processing of domestic meat selected from local farms.

It is our duty to inform you that we keep at your disposal for any further information in this regard.